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Learning Process

Our learning process is not isolated, but should be connected and integrated in all areas of the curriculum. Learning should also focus on the whole child by meeting their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. Because the aim of Early Childhood Education is to facilitate optimum development of the child’s full potential and lay the foundation for all round development and lifelong learning.

Learning centers allow children to make choices, encourage active learning and hands on experiences and provide for individual learning styles and also team works.

Our learning process include Five Major Areas of Development :

1. Moral and Religion :  The development of Children religious views. Children spiritual development involves the growth of their sense of self, potential, strengths and weaknesses, right and wrong and will to achieve.

2. Physical and Motor Development: Gross motor skills to coordination of large muscle to use for activities such as walking, running and throwing. And Fine motor skills use the small muscles for drawing , writing, feeding and dressing.

3.  Cognitive Development: Development of various concepts including pre number and number concepts and operations (knowledge and skills related to comparing, classification, seriation, conservation of space and quantity, one to one correspondence; counting); spatial sense; patterns and estimations in measurement; data handling; skills related to sequential thinking, critical thinking, observing, reasoning and problem solving; and knowledge about concepts and physical, social and biological environment.

4.  Language Development: Development children’s ability to listen; understand; oral skills/speaking and communicating; vocabulary development; recognition of letters; building words and sentences and early writing. Also development children’s ability to use Bahasa Indonesia.

5.  Social and Emotional Development: Social development  refers to how children interact with other children and adults in their lives and developed the skills how to sharing, cooperating and following rules. Emotional development includes children’s feelings about themselves; their self esteem; self-concept; self- control;  and their ability to express their feelings.

To complete all the areas development, we put it at some Subject learning :

  1. Math
  2. Arts
  3. Science
  4. Language
  5. Religion
  6. Bahasa Indonesia
  7. Physical Exercise
  8. Swimming
  9. Independent Lesson