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Proklamasi Preschool and Kindergarten Programs:

Infant Class (1,5-2,5 YO)

Focus on health, early psycho social stimulation through free play and a lot of adult child interaction. Eg.s., (infant games, singing & rhymes, access to variety of play materials, individualized adult attention and interaction, opportunities to explore, early introduction to stories, infant books, drawings etc.) in safe, spacious and clean environment.

Toddler Class (2,5- 3 YO)

Toddler class is fun class where children learn to become independent and aware of “self”; learn through their sense; learn the basic concept of number, word, color, shapes, parts of body through play, singing and rhymes. Children practice for their gross and fine motor skill through playing, swimming and physical exercise.



Nursery Class (3-4 YO)

Nursery class helps children to develop the opportunities to listen the stories, learn rhymes to develop their language and communication skill, create, indulge in imaginative play, ask questions, do simple problem solving, experiment to promote active and interactive learning and generally have a ‘feel good’ experience for a positive self-image.


Kindergarten ( K1: 4-5 yo, K2 : 5-6yo)

Kindergarten Class is an important period to prepare children for elementary school. Children are prepared to develop the social skill, academic skill and motor skill.


School Day



School Hours



1.5-2 YO

09.00 – 11.30

 Monday – Friday


2-3 YO

08.30 – 11.30

Monday – Friday


3-4 YO

08.30 -11.30

Monday – Friday



4-5 YO

5 -6 YO

08.00 – 12.00

08.00 – 12.00

Monday – Friday

Monday – Friday